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Oz Pearlman:

"John’s book goes so deep
into the handling, psychology
and KILLER routines…"

"Not to mention it’s hilarious.
Forget about reading my quote,
get your hands on this book today and start
blowing your audience’s minds!"

"The SvenPad is a MUST HAVE utility item for every mentalist, the same as a swami"


Take your Svengali Pads
to the next level!

If your Svengali Pad was your sectret weapon,
this book would make it a machine-gun!


Please read the comic on the right before you read any further... 

The comic is not only funny using a very simple idea and a dancing mentalist at the end, but if we examine the comic a little closer we see that the mentalist:
A) Hands out the pad even before they started!? 
B) Also he let's her check if all pages are empty!? 
C) He doesn't touch the pad here and he even has the girl show the audience that all pages are different.
D) It's amazing that the girl opens the pad upwards when she checks if all pages are different.

BUT what's even more amazing is...

E) A moment later she selects a page (f**ce page) in exactly the same manner. She opens the pad lifting pages UPWARDS AGAIN! (Please read that again) 

Haha, but naturally this can't be done for real!?!? 
That would be impossible, especially that clean!?!? No?!? 

When you buy this book you will learn EXACTLY that! With the new eXtreme Pad set-up and the new eXtreme handling. You can do exactly this and much much more!

And do you know what? It's VERY easy to do... 

YES, IT'S SICK!!!   



John's book is very easy to read and to make it even easier I have added HUNDREDS very clear photos.
Here are some examples but naturally I can only show a few because most will reveal devilish secrets!  


This one can be dangerous!

And will make you smile.

It's also it's easy to create.

- The DEVIL Pad -

eXtreme SvenGali

By John van der Linden

eXtreMentalist John van der Linden spend a full year to write

the Ultimate Svengali Guide: eXtreme SvenPad Supreme 

The eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme book has 324 pages (and the LE Hardcopy Book even has 334!)

Filled with Demonstrations, Special Handlings, completely new ways to set-up your Pad and many professional Tips and Ideas!

You will find a large list of basic ideas that you can immediately use but also some devilish handlings and ideas most of them completely new

and changing the way you will use your Svengali Pad forever!

With almost 250 very clear pictures and drawings that will make it very easy to read and understand!

With a clickable INDEX for super-fast navigation!



The Dream Handling

A devilish handling for a 'normal' Svengali Pad

a complete NEW handling that EVERY SvenPad user WILL use!

- This alone will be worth the price of the book! -

Also never done before in mentalism:

- The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad -

You will learn a Psychological Test that will make all mentalists dreams come true:

You will learn how to FORCE A MEMORY!


You will be: not 1, not 2, but 10 STEPS AHEAD

You are ready for 10 STRONG REVEALS before you even started!

You will learn how to create some eXtreme SvenPads® filled with the most eXtreme materials even from out of space.

And you will also learn how to create THE 'eXtreme-Pad' (page 52)

and how to set up the eXtreme-Pad for the ultimate and most deceptive Svengali Pad Handling ever!


Many new ways to use your Svengali Pads!

New ways to handle your Svengali Pads!

New ways to gimmick your Svengali Pads!

Many new and really clever Svengali Pad demonstrations!

A devilish Pin-Code system that was specially created for your Svengali Pads

A large list of basic ideas

And many tips on how to combine basic ideas with other tips and effects in this book

And the list of eXtreme Mental Gems goes on...

How to create a Multi Force Pad

The Devil Pad

(too sneaky!)

The Mini Museum

Karma Sutra

The Dream Handling 1 - 100% hands off!

The Safety Handling (always use this one)

- The eXtreme Pad -

- the ultimate way to set-up your pad! -

How to fill your pad

Star Sign Revelation


Lucky Lotto


The Long Number Stunt

Pin-Code Killer

The Split Pad

SvenPads® on Hoy

How to create Multiple different Force Pages

Post-It Notes

eXtremely Creative Svengali Pads

Mixed Emotions


Fortune Telling Svengali Pads

Murder Mystery

The Power of the Ungimmicked Svengali Pad

A Large Pile of Svengali Pads

The Dream Handling 1 and 2

The Game Show

Game Control

Sven Inception by Brett Barry

Sven Inception 2

Notes on Hypnosis

The Multi Force Pad

Double Sided Svengali Pads

Pink by Christopher Taylor

Mental Tattoo plus Bonus

Pre-Show Tips

Corporate and Trade Show Tips

The Stull Watch

The Time you were Born


eXtreme Rainbow


Sexy Pad

The Universal Pad

The real benefits of a USP

Fear Factor

Mental Taste

eXtreme Russian Roulette

The Safe Version

Force First

The Ugly Pad

The LøK Pad

- The eXtreme KøD Handling -

eXtreme Sing a Song 2

eXtreme Color Match

Four O'clock

Truth or Dare

Rain Man

eXtreme Rain Man

The Lie Detector pad

Mind Reading Pad


SvenTop 1, 2 and 3

eXtreme Thief

Magnetic Impression Material


and many more tips and ideas...


This is the first feedback John received from some of the first readers

Again I will say that you have once again outdone yourself 

This book is bloody brilliant!

I am honored you let me help with the process. 

You have a real winning book on your hands with this one. 

You really have taken the Svengali Pad concept and made it a magical masterpiece!! 

This will be a huge hit! 

Many of the
cleverest & best ideas
Many new and never before seen!
Will be within this brand new book
John touches upon all the little handling
and other details
Many of you already know him from his excellent eXtreme teleFoto e-book 

John's creativity and out of the box thinking will be a treat 
for those seeking
new ways to use your SvenPads®!

 John has served up the
ultimate mentalists “cookbook”
containing fantastically innovative routines,
super clever methods,
ultra-smart handling tips!

If you are looking for the ultimate guide on SvenPads® well you just find it!

In the 324 pages of this book you will find tons of information from the basic ones to the most creative and entertaining ways to create powerful routines with this incredible tool!

Everything is covered and is so inspiring that after reading it you will come up with even more ideas!

John you did a great job and I wish you good luck with this project!

"Best Trick of the year!"

In 2015 Oz Pearlman popularized Svengali Like Pads on AGT, combined with his 21st Century Phantom Oz received a standing ovation! Brett Barry contacted a John Blue from BleuTekPrinting who produced his Svengali Notepads. The timing was perfect and Brett kept selling and that year 65 people voted these pads for best trick on a magic forum. But the Svengali principle is so much more than a pad and it can be used in so many devilish ways! Like a thumb tip, it's an amazing tool and maybe even the best way to force allmost anything you can imagine!

But most people don't know THE REAL SECRETS, no clue what they are missing and no idea how to really handle them... In John's book you will find all the answers and more. The 334 pages book is filled with tips and ideas... SO YOU CAN REALLY GET THE MAX OUT OF THESE KILLER PADS... 

You can order Svengali Pads from many dealers and different producers in many versions. All working well! 

And also buy the NEW eXtreme Svengali book - The Missing Pieces - COMMING SOON!!!


HardCopy Book (Plus free eBook) - 334 Pages (10 pages extra!)

NOW ONLY $109,99

The Limited Edition will have some amazing extra's. 
ORDER NOW and learn how to use SvenPads® in a completely different and new way!!!

SvenPad Supreme

eBook (PDF) - 324 Pages

NOW ONLY $34,99

eXtremely Powerful Demonstrations, New Handlings, New ways to SET-UP your Pad!
ORDER NOW and start using your SvenPads® like never before!!!

John van der Linden


Here you will find all information about the eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook!

Please read the Comic below to start your adventure...